Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I recently received a package of Wateroos to sample and review. When I heard about this product, I immediately loved the concept. Wateroos are basically a kids' drink made from purified water and natural flavors. Getting my son to drink water (instead of juice) has been a major chore lately, so I was really excited about this product.

Wateroos are packaged in what looks like a juice box but there's actually absolutely no juice in them. Nor are there any artificial ingredients, sugar or sweeteners. Wow!

One question I had for the company was what exactly do the "natural flavors" consist of. Here was their answer:

The natural flavors used in Wateroos are derived primarily from fruits. To create a natural fruit flavor, first you take the fruit and boil out everything but the crucial ingredients. What's left is a concentrated extract or what can be referred to as "natural flavoring." We then take a blend of different fruit flavorings to create our great-tasting flavored waters. If we told you the exact formula, well then we’d have to… you know the drill.

Sounds good to me. However, I have to be honest and say that, though it is a healthy product, my husband and I didn't like the taste of them - we sampled the grape flavor - and I would never drink them myself for that reason.

But my son actually really liked them and drank the whole pack in a matter of a couple days. So, overall, I'd say that while you won't see me drinking this anytime soon, I would definitely consider buying them for my kids. And I wholeheartedly back the concept of this product.

Wateroos come in several flavors, including grape, apple, and berry. You can find out where to buy them here.


Anonymous said...

I like the plain old water myself, but love the concept!

FENICLE said...

they look cute :)

Kid Marine said...

I remember when the movie "Space Jam" came out, I saw Bugs Bunny drink a special sports-drink, which the audience learned was just water, but the characters never discovered. I found that I gained interest in water over sports drinks because of that, haha! Kids are pretty vulnerable to persuasion; I bet if your son sees Bugs Bunny drinking water, he will switch over as quickly as I did!