Monday, May 28, 2007

LTDchix Give-a-way Contest!

Recently, I was contacted by Nina and Cindi, mothers and founders of the hip and hilarious clothing line LTDchix, to do a contest for my blog readers. I said 'yes' right away because a) I would love to help YOU win something and b) I like to help out mom-driven businesses.

Up for grabs are two $20 t-shirt gift certificates (plus shipping costs) from LTDchix.

About the Company
LTDchix (Living the Dream chix) was just started in 2006, but their t-shirts are already getting kudos around the blogosphere from sites including If you haven't seen their t-shirts yet, they are absolutely hilarious. The designs focus on the everyday trials of being a mom, which is so often exhausting, frustrating and rewarding all at once. But the designers of these t-shirts have clearly learned to keep their sense of humor about motherhood - which I love! Just check out the pictures of the "mini-van mom" and "referee mom" to see what I mean. I think we can all relate.

About the Contest
OK, so here's how it works:

You write a post on your blog about your most frazzled, funniest “LTDchix” moment. Maybe your toddler got hold of some black ink and started fingerpainting on your white walls. Or maybe your 21-month-old son cried out "mommy! boobie!" over and over again in the dressing room at Old Navy while you were trying on clothing causing you to run out of the store in complete embarrasment.

Whatever it is, just write a post about it! There's no rule about how long the post has to be - it can be a few sentences or a few paragraphs. Please link back to Mama Likes in case your readers would like details about how to enter the contest themselves.

Then e-mail the link to your post by Tuesday, June 5th.

The bloggers who write the funniest two posts will each win a $20 gift certificate to LTDchix (shipping will also be covered.)

I will announce the awardees within the next two weeks.

If you have any questions, let me know!

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